Cromtec Cyber Solutions

Every client is different. We focus on providing our strategic cyber intelligence to each client's unique environment. From size of company, number of employees, locations, technology infrastructure, compliance and risk.

We engage with our clients where it is most needed.  We start with the Cyber-Risk Assessment. This establishes a strategy and plan of action that meets each client's unique needs, while implementing action plans and solutions that create value for our clients and their clients as well.  We view cybersecurity as an asset to our clients' ability to compete in their industries.


  • Cyber Risk Assessment

  • Data Security Assessment

  • Technology Infrastructure Assessment

  • Incident Response Planning


  • EndpointLock - Mobile App

  • EndpointLock - ETEE

  • zIPS -Mobile Threat Protection

  • Cromtec aiMSSP - Managed aiSIEM