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Managing Cyber Risk is a team sport.

A Cromtec Cyber Risk Assessment will analyze & identify vulnerabilities, and recommend a POAM (Plan of Action & Milestones).

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Security Awareness & Training

Infosec IQ security awareness and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and home. With over 2,000 awareness and training resources, you’ll have everything you need to prepare employees to detect, report and defeat cybercrime.


Every aspect of the platform can be customized and personalized to match your organization’s culture and employees’ learning styles.

Depending on your preferred delivery method, you can enroll your employees into the Infosec IQ learning management system or use your own. You can also create your own training content within the platform using Publishing Assistant or add your own content to the platform.


Mobile Threat Detection 

Powered by Zimperium, zIPS is an advanced mobile threat defense solution for enterprises, providing persistent, on-device protection to both corporate owned and BYOD devices. Leveraging Zimperium z9, zIPS detects threats across the kill chain: device, network, phishing, and app attacks

Zimperium zIPS is managed by the advanced cloud-native management console, zConsole, enabling IT, Risk/Compliance and security administrators to manage policies, monitor for threats, and mitigate mobile risks. Deploy zConsole to any cloud, shared and dedicated SaaS, air-gapped network, or on-premise networks.


Threat Intelligence 

Cromtec aiSIEM + aiXDR

Powered by Seceon aiSIEM, combined with aiXDR, is a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real-time, with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting, and policy management.

Catch and neutralize known and unknown threats across your digital assets – on-premise, cloud or remote – before they turn into major incidents.


Eliminate the threat of zero-day malware

EndpointLock Protects:

Mobile Apps and Endpoint Devices

(desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices)

EndpointLock Uses:

A keystroke encryption based keyboard.

EndpointLock encrypts user data while users are typing. This eliminates the threat of zero-day keyloggers. 


Works on: Android, IOS, Windows & Mac


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EndpointLock SDK

EndpointLock End-to-End Encryption 

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