Endpoint Lock

EndpointLock protects mobile apps and endpoint devices (desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices) with a keystroke encryption solution. EndpointLock encrypts user data while users are typing. This prevents keylogger malware from stealing user credentials and confidential information.


Mobile Threat Detection

MDR is a managed cyber security service that provides intrusion detection of malware and malicious activity in your network, and assists in rapid incident response to eliminate those threats with succinct remediation actions. MDR typically combines a technology solution with outsourced security analysts that extend your technologies and team.


Ai-Siem & ai-XDR

Powered by Seceon aiSIEM, combined with aiXDR, is a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real-time, with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting, and policy management.

Infosec IQ - color.png

Security Awareness & Training

Infosec IQ security awareness and training empowers your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cybersecure at work and home. With over 2,000 awareness and training resources, you’ll have everything you need to prepare employees to detect, report and defeat cybercrime. Every aspect of the platform can be customized and personalized to match your organization’s culture and employees’ learning styles.


Cyber Risk Assessment

Cromtec Cyber Solutions Risk Assessment Services are designed for clients with Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) requirements who wish to develop a strategic plan to reduce risk.