Cyber Defense Services

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Endpoint protection portfolio



 EndpointLock  protects mobile apps and endpoint devices (desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices) with a keystroke encryption solution. Endpoint Lock encrypts user data while users are typing. This prevents zero-day malware and keyloggers from ex-filtrating user credentials and confidential information.



zIPS provides persistent, on-device protection for mobile devices and the information the devices access, similar to next generation endpoint protection (EPP) solutions on traditional endpoints.

  • On-device, Machine Learning-based Detection

  • Powered By Unparalleled Mobile Threat Research

  • Protects Managed & BYOD Devices


Cromtec aiMSSP

Cromtec aiMSSP (aiSIEM) is built to analyze operational security data, proactively detect breaches and threats via comprehensive visibility of all assets (users, applications, services and hosts and their interactions), and automatically contain & eliminate those threats in real-time.

  • Machine Learning

  • Remediation Policy Engine

  • AI with actionable intelligence

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Feature Enrichment

  • Security Analytics

  • Dynamic Threat & Correlation