Managed Endpoint Security Protection - Mobile & IOT

Mobile  Protection 

Cromtec's on-device protection from Zimperium is perfect for BYOD. In addition to providing protection against both known and unknown attacks, Cromtec's on-device detection is perfect for BYOD because it protects user privacy as well. While cloud-based solutions can send potentially sensitive personal data off the device, Cromtec's detection does not require any PII and can be configured to send no data off the device.

Cromtec Managed Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection


Mobile device use in the workplace is at an all-time high. Embracing BYO and developing mobile applications to improve business processes can be a great advantage. Yet, with these mobility initiatives comes an expansive and vast attack surface for cyber criminals, who are increasingly sophisticated. Existing network security solutions lack the visibility to be able to protect mobile devices once they leave the corporate network. Signature-based technology can’t keep pace or protect against unknown threats. Any single attack can result in a security breach, compromising an organization’s data, assets and brand. Protecting against today’s mobile cyber attacks calls for increased security sophistication to ensure business processes and transactions are secure and consumer and enterprise data are safeguarded.

Securing Organizations in an Increasingly Mobile World

Cromtec managed Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection is a suite of enterprise security products that deliver continuous and real-time threat protection to both devices and applications. The products include zIPS and zIAP, generated from a single mobile threat management platform with an underlying console.

Leading Threat Detection
Based on its disruptive, on-device detection engine that uses patented, machine-learning algorithms, Zimperium protects against the broadest array of mobile threats.


  • Man-in-the-Middle

  • SSL stripping techniques

  • Attempts to intercept SSL traffic

  • Rogue access points

  • Reconnaissance scans


  • OS / Kernel exploitation

  • Profile / configuration modification

  • System tampering

  • Device vulnerability assessment

  • Physical USB exploitation


  • Malicious apps

  • Known and unknown malware

  • Dynamic threats abusing download and execute


  • Get a true picture of your mobile threat and risk posture across your enterprise

  • Prevent a compromised mobile device from gaining access to your network

  • Boost productivity while preserving the security of your corporate data

  • Support your BYO program, while meeting privacy requirements

  • Provide actionable forensics about each mobile device incident — including the who, what, where, when and how of an occurrence

  • Leverage your existing security infrastructure with seamless EMM/MDM and SIEM integrations

  • Enforce risk-based policy management for all mobile devices in your organization

  • With self-protecting apps, ensure mobile applications remain safe from cyber-attacks

  • Mitigate against customers / partners being jeopardized by malicious activity and reduce fraud

Z9 Threat Detection Engine

The security experts at Zimperium developed z9, a revolutionary cyber attack detection engine that uses machine learning to dynamically and accurately detect advanced network, device and application mobile threats. Unlike other threat detection systems, the z9 engine monitors the whole device for malicious behavior (not just scanning apps) without reliance on signatures. This approach allows Cyield to find and protect against both known and unknown threats in real time, regardless of how they are delivered to the device.
The behavioral detection engine sits on the device, within the zIPS app, to detect threats and prevent a compromised device from gaining access to the corporate network. The z9 engine was designed to run efficiently on devices and tablets, without administrator (root) privileges. Unlike cloud-based mobile security solutions that employ app sand-boxing or tunnel mobile traffic through the cloud, the z9 approach does not require an Internet connection. It continuously detects and performs with zero latency. This unique approach enables Security Administrators to manage the health of every iOS and Android device running the zIPS app without compromising the user experience or privacy.
The same z9 detection engine is embedded in applications to generate self-protecting apps. Only Zimperium delivers continuous and real-time threat detection to both devices and applications.
 Unparalleled Mobile Security

Cromtec partners with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors to provide complete mobile security that delivers comprehensive threat protection against both known and unknown mobile cyber-attacks. Together we integrate with your existing enterprise, enable ease of deployment and upgrades and deliver superior mobile threat protection.

Secure and Scalable Enterprise Architecture

Cromtec Managed Zimperium Mobile Threat Protection delivers seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure. Built on scalable, multi-tenantarchitecture, Zimperium can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices to keep up with the growing demands of any enterprise. For data-at-rest and in-transit, AES 256-bit encryption is strictly enforced.