The COMPLETE Managed Endpoint Platform

See how Cromtec is engaging with the Air Force and federal government

CromTec Cyber Solutions was selected by USAF’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and awarded a Phase 1 contract. CromTec’s collaboration with AFWERX, the Air Force’s expansive program gives our company the potential for significant exposure throughout the Air Force, Air Force customers, Multi-Domain Operations (MDOs), and other federal agencies. Our objective is to provide an adaptive encryption technology to advance existing cybersecurity measures for administrative and cyberwarfare capabilities. From computing, wearable or mobile communication devices, to unmanned, land and air, keystroke encrypted appliances, Our patented technology will build the framework to further secure endpoints in all relevant environments.

AFWERX is a product of the U.S. Air Force (USAF), directly envisioned by Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson. Her vision of AFWERX is to solve some of the toughest challenges that the USAF faces through innovation and collaboration amongst our nation’s top subject matter experts. 

CEMS – CromTec Endpoint Managed Security

We protect sensitive information such as user name and password and other identifiable private information from being stolen.

CromTec Cyber uses the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to help detect threats and protect our clients.

We orchestrate an automated response to mitigate risk to the business while helping to close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end users is a must for businesses to stay secure.

Endpoint Managed Security for Server, Desktop and Mobile Environments

There are other endpoint security solutions. They can detect and respond to cyber threats.

Only CromTec Cyber’s endpoint managed security solution (CEMS) includes PREVENTION against data breaches, with the addition of patented keystroke encryption.



Criminals use keylogging to record everything you type.



Prevention Against Zero-Day Keylogging Malware

Keylogging is the single biggest threat leveraged in the first stages of almost all advanced threats.

Utilizing CromTec Cyber’s patented Keystroke Transport Layer Security™ (KTLS™) cryptographic protocol, EndpointLock is break-through technology for the encryption and transport of user keystrokes on endpoint devices.

This unique anti-keylogging solution addresses a critical gap in cybersecurity solutions – polymorphic, zero-day keyloggers – for multiple use cases and industries.


  • Encrypts all user keystrokes

  • Supports all PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS and Android devices

  • Supports iOS and Android 5G IOT devices

  • Protects employee BYOD devices

CromtecCyber EndpointLock

Mobile and Desktop Solutions

Endpoint Security and System Management Platform

A single breach could put you or your clients out of business.
You need a strategy for fighting back.


Ready to take the offensive against cyber crime? You’ve got an ally.


Powered by AI and machine learning, CromTec Cyber has the arsenal to protect and manage your company’s or clients’ laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers and virtual environments.

Transform Security with CromTec Cyber’s Managed Endpoint Solution

CEMS – CromTec Endpoint Managed Security

The CEMS Product Suite:

Establish a layered security strategy, with a customized program:

  • Assess your risk and threat vulnerabilities
  • Manage your endpoints
  • Detect and respond to threats
  • Provide back-up and disaster recovery solutions
  • Implement effective policies
  • Monitor your cyber health status


Identity theft has increased by 125% in the last decade

Identity theft takes place every 2 seconds

Nearly 60 million Americans have been impacted by identity theft

An estimated 16 million mobile devices are infected with malware

Ransomware on mobile devices increased by 33% in 2018

67% of business data breaches are due to employee mobile device use