We approach Cyber Security from the Inside out

Cromtec Cyber Solutions is based in Houston, Texas and Reston, Virginia . Establishing Cyber Resiliency and protection is our focus and core competency.  We work with our clients to build and implement a cyber plan that will limit the attack success in the event of a cyber attack. The team is made up of industry experts and tech savvy millennial's to bring the best possible outcomes for our clients in both the public and private sector.  We manage projects across the Cyber-security life-cycle: Initial Cyber Risk Assessments to post-implementation penetration testing.  

Build your cyber protection plan to protect your business while limiting any attack success by our adversaries. If data is compromised, how are you going to respond?  We must have a back-up plan in place. In a vulnerability, how can you quickly identify inventory where assets are deployed? Physical and network assets, IP Addresses, and devices. We help you understand what's on the network and what the vulnerabilities are.

We focus on our clients starting with what must be protected (Data, IP, People and Processes). We work with you to determine what is mission critical and business critical, and manage a solution that maximizes protection within the budget and resources available to protect your business


Our patented Keystroke encryption solution encrypts clients starting at the keystroke, rendering zero-day malware key loggers incapable of ex-filtrating our clients confidential credentials and data.  


Cromtec Cyber will Plan, Analyze, Inspect, Deploy and manage Cyber Security solutions for our clients.


We start where our clients require assessment support:

  • Cyber Risk

  • Data Security

  • Technology Analysis

  • Cyber Hygiene Analysis

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Tabletop Exercises

  • Data Breach and Remediation support


We work with our clients to define mission critical and non-mission critical applications, understand current compliance requirements, recommend and implement solutions that provide an appropriate level of Resiliency.  If our initial analysis determines more immediate attention, we will conduct an Incident Response analysis to understand immediate vulnerabilities and risks.

Keystroke Encryption (Desktop, Mobile and Mobile Application)