Do you know who's watching?

Are you positive that everything you type is secure?

The reality is US Citizens are vulnerable to cyber hackers every time they go online.

Is your mobile device & information safe when you are doing the following...?

Let us help!

CyberProtect Scope of Services

Computer Keyboard

Eliminate the threat of zero-day keyloggers

EndpointLock Protects:

Mobile Apps and Endpoint Devices

(desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices)

EndpointLock Uses:

A keystroke encryption based keyboard.

EndpointLock encrypts user data while users are typing. This eliminates the threat of zero-day keyloggers. 


Works on: Android, IOS, Windows & Mac

Computer Keyboard

Mobile Threat detection 

Zimperium zIPS Mobile App Security

Continuous and Real-Time threat protection to both devices and applications

Computer Keyboard

Threat Intelligence 

Cromtec aiMSSP (aiSIEM)

Monitor, Detect, and Secure endpoint devices (Laptop, PC, Mobile, Tablet, Printers & Servers)

A Cromtec Cyber Risk Assessment will analyze & identify vulnerabilities, and recommend a POAM (Plan of Action & Milestones).

Managing Cyber Risk is a team sport.

Computer Keyboard

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EndpointLock SDK

EndpointLock End-to-End Encryption 

K-12 Impacts of 2021 Stimulus

Security for K-12 Chromebooks

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