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``The Cyber Security Dream Team``

A team of strategic advisors, visionaries, operators and teammates committed to delivering Cyber-security, dynamic IT infrastructures and client centric outcomes.

Cromtec Cyber Team WorkWe have compiled expert leaders, operations and delivery management, and strategy consultants to help in the plan, design, implementation and operational phases of our clients IT life cycle.  Our portfolio includes modern Cybersecurity, Artificial & Business Intelligence, IT infrastructure, Services, Consulting and resources that support our clients through the IT maturation phases.   We support clients in both public and private sector, and verticals including: Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Retail, Energy, Sports & Media, Hi Tech, Intelligence, Defense and Civilian agencies.

Our cybersecurity portfolio spans the continuum of IT infrastructure (IOT, devices, sensors, network, applications, infrastructure and connectivity).   This includes a patented technology that prevents Zero-day malware from stealing private information including user ID, passwords and confidential information typed in any environment (consumer, enterprise, web-based SDK and mobile).

We look forward to working with all of our clients to increase knowledge and awareness surrounding security, privacy and protection of a clients most important assets.  Please contact us for support whether you are in the early planning phase through any IT modernization efforts.    Cromtec Cyber Solutions, powered by Xband Enterprises, and our strategic partners and advisors will provide a total solution to secure your most strategic assets and deliver transformational IT solutions.

Beyond providing strategic consulting and a robust IT and Cyber portfolio, we have built and designed our portal to integrate with strategic partners that want to introduce a new or expanded product line to their clients.  We have plan, design and build capabilities to launch our partners portal and website, that will interface with the Cromtec Cyber/ Xband Automation Engine.  The portal has flow-through capabilities for information, quote, design, transact and monitor capabilities that can flow through to our partners’ clients.  This effectively allows any company to offer a cybersecurity, IT Infrastructure, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence service offering within 60 days.

Cromtec Cyber Solutions has teamed up with Xband Enterprises as the preeminent ecosystem provider for rapid application development, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and business analytics. Xband Enterprises delivers visionary leadership, simplifying complex out of the box solutions and unparalleled execution.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to delighting our employees, clients and partners.


24/7 support

24/7 Technical Support. You can count on us. At Cromtech Cyber Solutions, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction.


Commitment to security

Protecting our clients is our objective. We infuse security at the lowest layers of technology and make it our highest priority.


Passion for privacy

Committed to ensuring your absolute privacy. At no time is any personal information given or sold to any outside source, for any reason.


Service Excellence

We consistently strive to meet, exceed and pro-actively manage our clients expectations towards the desired outcome.

Our Features

X-Labs Stack® powered by automation, business intelligence and #EmbeddedSecurity.

feature_1Business Intelligence
feature_2Enhanced Security
feature_3Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

DarkLight is an Artificial Intelligence Expert System

for Active Cyber Defense

and Trusted Information Sharing

  • Improve analysts performance up to 100X

  • Reduce false-positives by up to 99%

  • Boost return on existing cyber security investments

  • Enhance time-to-value

  • Eliminate technology silos

  • Enable cross functional view

  • Close the Cybersecurity skills gap

Agnes Intelligence

NextGen eDiscovery and spoken word search. An X-Labs® Artificial Intelligence Project.

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