Multi Factor Authentication

Strong Authentication Solutions

Verify the identity of all users with strong two-factor authentication - before granting access to corporate applications to protect against phishing and other access threats.

Authentication Methods

Authentication Methods

A wide variety of authentication methods enable every user to securely and quickly log in. Push, sent by our Mobile authentication app, allows users to approve push notifications to verify their identity. We also support Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), security keys and tokens, one-time passcodes (OTP), SMS and phone callback to provide flexible options for all types of users – from clinicians to third-party contractors.

Easily Enroll and Manage Users

While the user self-enrollment method is intuitive enough for users to do on their own, we also offer automatic enrollment options for ease of user provisioning for larger organizations. Quickly synchronize thousands of users from existing directories like Active Directory and Azure AD, or import users from a CSV file. Plus, users can manage their own authentication devices through our self-service portal, reducing your help desk support time.

Easily Enroll and Manage Users

Reduce Security & Compliance Risk

Improve enterprise security and risk posture while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Improve End User Productivity & Experience

Effective, scalable security that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Efficient and affordable security with lower investment and management overhead.

Enable Organizational Agility

Deliver modern security solutions that support evolving enterprise needs, at scale.

Journey to Cybersecurity

Cromtec Cyber has offerings to help you throughout your journey to a complete zero-trust security model. Our trusted access solution features everything you need to protect your applications and data at scale.

Verify the identity of all users with effective, strong authentication (two-factor authentication) before granting access to corporate applications and resources.

Gain visibility into every device used to access corporate applications, whether or not the device is corporate-managed, and without the use of onerous device management agents.

Inspect all devices used to access corporate applications and resources in real time, at the time of access, to determine their security posture and trustworthiness.

Protect every application by defining policies that limit access to the users and devices that meet the organization’s risk tolerance levels.

Grant users secure access to all protected applications (on-premises or cloud-based) through a uniform, frictionless interface accessible from anywhere.