A single breach could put you or your clients out of business.

Fight fire with fire.

  • Assess your security posture
  • Reduce business risk
  • Mitigate damage and loss
  • Take an offensive stance
  • Prepare to respond

The only way to keep you or your clients safe is with a pre-emptive multi-layered cybersecurity strategy which utilizes cyber hygiene, machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation to secure users and their devices at every stage of an attack, across every possible attack vector.

If you’re ready to evaluate, reassess and upgrade your corporate security plan – or optimize the portfolio of cybersecurity products and services you offer – CromTec Cyber is armed with the expertise and the solutions you need. Let us put our know-how and experience to work for you, with tailored, actionable recommendations and managed solutions.

Today’s cyber criminals attack from multiple vectors, using a range of weapons varying from malicious email attachments, web ads, phishing sites to tools acquired from the NSA such as Eternal Blue and DoublePulsar. Their multi-faceted approach increases your risk.

You need an ally against cybercrime.

With our Managed Security Solution we can help you:

  • Assess risk
  • Identify and evaluate all endpoint devices
  • Establish a security management structure
  • Implement effective corporate policies
  • Monitor your device health status
  • Respond to ransomware attacks
  • Train and inform your employees
  • Develop back-up and recovery solutions
  • Build a response plan and
  • Establish best practices

CromTec Cyber has built a unique set of core-capabilities from industry leaders across the globe.

We’ll help you identify your threats and vulnerabilities, develop a cyber security plan, put controls in place, and create a program for ongoing end-user training.


Our four-pronged approach to your cyber resiliency:


The initial planning stage of your cyber hygiene solution includes assessing all your devices, hardware and software threats, and then determining next steps.


With a clear understanding of your current cybersecurity position, we will design a managed solution, tailored to your unique environment.


In this stage we execute on the plan, deploy resources, manage time-lines, and help to educate your employees while implementing policies and best practices.


We provide the 24x7 monitoring tools you need, as well as ongoing support and updates.

Ready to stand strong against cybercrime? You’ve got an ally.