CromTec Cyber is a Managed Endpoint Security provider that goes well beyond Endpoint Detection and Response. We assess, plan, design, deliver and manage an end- to-end managed endpoint security solution for mobile (Android & iOS), desktop, laptop & servers (Mac, Windows and Linux) and Internet of Things (IoT). Our portfolio includes a patented Zero-Trust keyboard for desktop & mobile, Cyber Hygiene, endpoint malware prevention and response, DNS security, Identity Management, Unified Endpoint Management, detailed reporting and analysis coupled with our customer care platform. In addition, these services are backed by industry leading Service Level Agreements.

The CromTec Endpoint Managed Security (CEMS) solution provides more visibility and control across your mobile, IoT, laptop, desktop and server infrastructure. We continuously monitor for endpoint vulnerabilities, prioritize and perform patching functions that prevent malware from executing on the endpoint. In addition, we measure for compliance benchmarks, device health and overall security posture. Furthermore, EndpointLock mitigates the impact of credential theft and other confidential private information by encrypting every keystroke.

CromTec Cyber’s end-to-end Endpoint Managed Security, Prevention and Response, Cyber Hygiene Suite and Unified Endpoint Managed solutions combined with our flagship product, (which prevents data theft by encrypting every key stroke) provide unmatched endpoint protection in today’s security landscape.

Our CromTec Cyber Endpoint Managed Security (CEMS) solutions cover several critical functions:

  • Prevent theft of critical information via Key-logging

  • Establish on-going monitoring of all devices for critical attack vectors and threats

  • Client alerts regarding remedies and actions needed for critical risks

  • Perform client approved remedies

  • Provide certain software patches and updates

Establish process to keep our client endpoint inventory current

CEMS Assessment

Cyber criminals have infiltrated endpoints to attain private and sensitive information, but they are also gaining more confidence and have monetized their ability to capture and/or seize your most valuable information. The CEMS Vulnerability Assessment provides a precise view into the threat landscape of your servers, workstations,

endpoint and mobile devices. With this continuous vulnerability assessment service, we enable your organization with enhanced visibility and tools to automate and prevent 99.7% of all known and unknown threats. It also increases your organization’s ability to prevent attacks at the endpoint and mitigate risk to your business operations. Each assessment begins with a 30-day analysis of devices used to conduct company business. The List of devices include laptops, desktops, server operating system, mobility & Internet of Things.

CEMS EndpointLock™

Anti-keylogging protection for Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop. The core of our endpoint solution initiates with a patented keystroke encryption software designed to protect company employees’ keystrokes, particularly when “typing” sensitive and private information (usernames, passwords, application inputs and server access, etc.) into a browser or desktop application. It’s designed as a toolbar always present when a browser or desktop application is launched. EndpointLock™ takes a proactive approach to stopping spyware and keyloggers by encrypting each keystroke at the point of data entry and reroutes the encrypted keystrokes directly to the browser or desktop application. The CEMS EndpointLock™ solution works to eliminate the vulnerability to zero day and APT keylogging attacks which could compromise your business operations.

CEMS Mobile

CEMS Mobile was designed to specifically identify and respond to mobile security vulnerabilities; our mobile security solution was established to prevent cyber threats on mobile endpoints. Incorporated with CEMS Assessment and EndpointLock, we provide constant endpoint monitoring of all mobile and IOT devices. Included is a 24×7 SOC that proactively monitors global risks, alerts and customer vulnerabilities. CEMS Mobile includes a robust monthly and quarterly measurement, reporting, and account management capability.

CEMS Mobile provides advanced application and network analysis. Through this, our team can discover potential gaps in your cyber security defense and design, implement and manage a more secure environment for your iOS and Android devices. This service includes companies with BYOD and company furnished devices.

CEMS Desktop – for Desktop, Laptop and Server appliances

In addition to the CEMS Assessment & CEMS EndpointLock, we combine prevention and response enabled security operations capability, such as, root cause analysis and prevention automation for Windows, Mac and most Linux, including Cyber Hygiene.


  • Continuous risk assessment without impacting system or network resources
  • Gain insight into the security posture and align the enterprise with the security policies of the organization
  • Automatically remediate risks
  • Continuously identify vulnerabilities, understand the risks, exploitation potential and mitigation


  • Track software and hardware assets
  • Track new installations and changes to configuration settings
  • Manage and optimize software licenses and costs
  • Blacklist rogue applications that show up in the inventory
  • Discover and manage assets. Inventory your applications and devices. Ensure their efficient usage


  • Identify and roll out patches automatically
  • Keep all major operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) as well as third‐party applications up‐to‐date
  • Detect and fix configuration deviations, such as password polices and encryption strength


  • Achieve compliance to regulatory standards
  • PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800‐171, NIST 800‐53
  • Custom configuration standards
  • Fix compliance deviations automatically to ensure that your organization is continuously compliant
  • Get visibility into the status of endpoint systems, with 100s of built‐in checks
  • Gather network details and map of devices
  • Search for the presence of sensitive data, such as credit card information, social security numbers,
  • Deploy software, block applications and devices

CEMS Complete

Our all-inclusive Managed endpoint security solution combines CEMS Assessment, EndpointLock™, Mobile and Desktop services. CEMS Complete is a combined 360-degree view across your entire endpoint desktop, server, mobile, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS ecosystem. We provide constant endpoint monitoring of all devices.

Included is a 24×7 Security Operations Center that proactively monitors global risks, alerts and customer vulnerabilities. CEMS Complete also includes a robust monthly and quarterly measurement, reporting, and account management capability.

Endpoint Managed Security for Server, Desktop and Mobile Environments

There are other endpoint security solutions. They can detect and respond to cyber threats.

Only CromTec Cyber’s endpoint managed security solution (CEMS) includes PREVENTION against data breaches, with the addition of patented keystroke encryption.