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Revenue Opportunities from Cromtec Cyber

Partner with Cromtec Cyber for a more robust catalog and additional income streams.


  • Co-brand Cromtec Cyber offerings, to sell to your customer base
  • Own the pricing, billing and sales close
  • Use our marketing expertise
  • Get Cromtec Cyber support for you and your client


  • Refer your client to us
  • Earn a monthly referral commission
  • Sell under our brand
  • Get Cromtec Cyber support for you and your client

We provide both Agents and Partners with sales support, marketing messaging and materials, training and tech support.

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  •  Build your brand

  • Set your own margins

  • Support your client

  • We support your business

  •  Sell under our brand

  • Use our marketing expertise

  • You own the billing and pricing

  • We support you and your client

  •  Refer your client to us

  • Get a monthly commission

  • Sell under our brand

  • We support you and your client

Our Commitment

Our objective is to provide you with technical expertise, consistent revenue growth and customer satisfaction for all of our partners. 

Channel-Centric Partnership

Clear & Simple Messaging

Sales & Marketing Support

Channel partnerships are vital to our  distribution strategy, you can count on us a dependable partner in all aspects of our relationships.

Our commitment to our partners is to keep things simple, consistent and effective.

Cromtec Cyber Solutions will provide comprehensive training and access to tools and support that enable partners to knowledgeably sell our solutions.

Partner Enablement Tools

Sales Enablement


Market Enablement

  • Dedicated advisor

  • Sales tools and support

  • Technical resources for selling

  • Business planning and quarterly reviews

  • Product, sales and market training

  • Thought leadership campaigns

  • Event co-sponsorship

  • Quarterly MDF incentives

  • Lead generation campaigns

  • Thought leadership campaigns

  • Event co-sponsorship

  • Quarterly MDF incentives

Add Secure Keystroke Encryption to Your Catalog

EndpointLock Endpoint Protection Against Zero-Day Keylogging Malware

EndpointLock™ utilizes Cromtec Cyber’s patented Keystroke Transport Layer Security (KTLS™) cryptographic protocol, which provides for the encryption and transport of user keystrokes on endpoint devices. This unique anti-keylogging solution addresses a critical gap in cybersecurity solutions (polymorphic, zero-day keyloggers), for multiple use cases and industries.


  • Encrypts all user keystrokes
  • Supports all PCs and Macs,
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • Protects employee BYOD devices
  • Prevent screen-scraping and clickjacking
  • Alerts you to kernel compromises occurring at an endpoint

What Are Keyloggers?


  • Keyloggers are a very common and very dangerous component of malware
  • Keyloggers can record every keystroke made on a mobile device or desktop
  • Today’s anti-virus solutions are unable to identify and stop keylogging
  • 98% of enterprise breaches include a phishing attack to install a keylogger
  • Keyloggers can change form and go undetected for months or years

Why Do Your Customers Care?


Keyloggers can steal consumer:

  • Privacy
  • Credit card numbers
  • Personal identity
  • Usernames and passwords
  • Proprietary data
  • Health data
  • Email accounts
  • Online transactions
  • Banking data


Provide your customers with unrivaled endpoint security technology. EndpointLock.

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